Dear Mr President

Dear Mr President,


ever since I listened to your speech yesterday it is hard for me to address you as "Dear Mr President."

For the word "dear" implies that it is about someone who is kind, caring, acting responsible.

Your decision to leave the Paris Agreement however proves you to be neither of these.

Anyhow I was taught to treat other people with respect, to look at everyone as a human being like I am. Someone who has the same right to live, to love and be loved and to be treated with dignity.

So even if it is hard, I will try to keep up this respect that you failed to show the world.

This is no longer about funny videos agreeing about "America first, but Germany/Sweden/Switzerland etc. second". This is about us. Our planet and our future. 

Dear Mr President,

you said you were elected to represent the people of Pittsburgh not Paris. 

You are probably right, as no one (neither from Paris nor any other place in this world) wants to be represented by someone who does not give a damn.

I'm afraid, neither the people of Pittsburgh really love your decision. 

Dear Mr President,

you complain about all the billions of dollars America spent in countries and agreements that in your opinion never will pay. Can't you see that it is not only possible to give money, but that also prosperity, a breathing planet and a living future is a worthy payment?

And what are billions of dollars for our future in contrast to trillions of dollars you spent and are still spending on wars, weapons and borders?

The climate change, whether you want to believe in it or not, does not know any borders. Even if you do not see any of it at your lovely place yet. Sooner or later it will come. 

You might not care, as you might not live long enough to see the threats of climate change in front of your doorstep.

But you said you were elected to represent the people of Pittsburgh. If you were serious about that, and if you take people from Washington, Santa Fe and Alaska into account as well, you represent the children and grandchildren from these people, too. Don't you feel responsible to save their future as well, to give them the same possibility to grow up and live in a prosperous world?

I will probably live somewhat longer than you, but even if I died tomorrow, I wanted to ensure that, despite many mistakes I made, I nevertheless tried to leave this planet as a good home for the next generation.

Dear Mr President,

you said you are tired of paying billions of dollars for countries who never pay back and that on top of it stole jobs from Ameria.

I did not study economics and I do admit I am not much of an expert on how world economy works in detail. But I know, as we see the same phenomenon in Europe, that we want to buy products as cheap as possible. That is why cars, clothes and many other things are produced in Asia, where people are willing to work under horrible conditions for money that will never feed their families. I doubt that you will find any American who wants to work for the same treatment. (And I do hope that soon neither the people in Bangladesh or China want to do so.)

Dear Mr President,

you might have enough money to escape from this world if it is getting tough. You might have this secred spaceship that will keep you save when the planet strikes back. Maybe it is nice to travel there miles and miles away, among billions of stars - but, you know, it can get pretty lonely up there and really silent.

And there are billions of people who do not have such a secret spaceship. After all, the majority does not even want to have such a thing. We love our planet, it is the best spaceship - our earthship - we can imagine.

You are not only the President of the United States of America - you are a human being as well. America can leave as many agreements as you like. But you cannot leave this planet. You are part of this world.

Dear Mr President, you promised to make America great again.

I am sorry that obviously no one ever taught you that greatness is not so much about being first, being rich, being known by everyone, not even about being loved. 

To be great is to be able to step back, make yourself small and give more than you expect to get back. To be great is to admit that you failed once or twice. 

So even if you broke any promises you made, keep at least this one, to make America great again. That is what will teach us true respect. Right now you work strongly for the contrary. 

Dear Mr President,

you will probably never read this letter, still I ask you dearly to reconsider!



Ein kleiner Nachtrag an die noch amtierende und die kommende Bundesregierung:

Liebe Politiker und Volksvertreter,

bitte prüfen Sie in Zukunft sehr genau jede politische und wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit mit fragwürdigen Volksvertretern anderer Länder. 

Deutschland macht in Sachen Klimaschutz schon vieles sehr gut, aber auch wir haben noch viel mehr Möglichkeiten. 

Ich für meinen Teil bin gerne bereit auf die Extraportion Luxus zu verzichten und wirtschaftliche Nachteile in Kauf zu nehmen, wenn meinen Kindern und Enkeln dafür ein lebenswerter Planet hinterlassen wird.

Vielen Dank!


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