The moonlight

With a loud scream I woke up. Relieved I looked around. It had just been a dream. -Had it not? Where was the Martian?

   I had been so sure that a green man had sitten at my bed. But now it was gone. I stood up and walked across the room towards the window. I stared out in the dark universe. Was it always that dark out here?

   It had already been dark, when we had arrived yesterday night.

You see, I finally decided to accompany my parents to the moon. Whatelse could I have done?

Today it would be my first day at school. In about five hours my alarmclock would be ringing.


Oh my God! What was that? I swear, it has not been me! Where did this voice come from? I turned around.

At the wall on the other side of my room there was someone standing I did not know.

   "Hello", I answered, trying to smile. "Who are you?"

   "Just me", the stranger answered.

   "Yes, but who is ,me'?", I asked.

   "Just me", the stranger repeated.

I groaned. "You've just told me", I said.

   "Yes, but you've asked again!"

   "So, your name ist ,Just me'?", I asked.

   "Yes", Just me said.

   "And who are you? Oh yes, I know, ,Just me', but are you a girl, a boy or something completely different?"

The last sentence I had added, because I feared Just me would have told me his name a third time otherwise.

   "I am a moonlight. YOUR moonlight."

Now I realised that it was not as dark anymore as before. "What does it mean? You're my moonlight?"

   "It means, I'm going to come with you, whereever you go", Just me explained.

   "Whereever I go?", I asked shocked.

   "Yes", Just me just said.

I decided not to ask exactly what ,whereever' meant.

   "How many of you exist?", I asked interested.

   "Here? Just me", Just me answered.

Of course it was just him -or her?- here, si I had to ask again.

   "No how many of yours exist anywhere?"

   "Only me, my parents, my grandparents, my sisters, my brothers, my uncles and my aunts, the sisters and brothers of my grandparents, my parents and the sister of my uncle and my cousins and..."

   "Okay", In interrupted, "thus, everyone on the moon has got a moonlight?", I wanted to know.

   "No, only important people", Just me explained.

I had to sit down. Why on earth (oh, we are not on the earth any longer, sorry) am I important?

   "How many important people exist?", I asked carefully.

   "Here? Just you!"

Oh no! I think I should stop this. Maybe I should ask differently.

   "Why am I important?"

   "Because you are a heroine!" Just me looked at me very friendly.

   "And why am I a heroine?"

   "Because you decided to go to the moon, although you had to leave all your friends and your home. But now (Just me smiled at me), you've got a new friend."


   "Just me", Just me answered.

How nice of him asking me whether I actually wanted to be his friend. But his friendly look and his light... I could not deny that I liked him. I grinned at him.

   "Okay, moonlight; I'm your heroine and you are my friend. Well, what now?"